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The Bar

a term used to describe the barristers' branch of the legal profession


a civil wrong

Third Party

someone joined into Court proceedings by a Defendant


a wrongful direct interference with another person or with his possession of land or goods

Trial Window

a period of time within which the claim must be listed for trial

Transaction at an Undervalue

a transaction in which the consideration received is significantly less than that given. In certain circumstances such a transaction can be challenged by an administrator, a liquidator or a trustee in bankruptcy


the person making the will


a legal structure allowing assets to be held for the benefit of other parties


the person who holds property in the trust and is responsible for administering them in accordance with the terms of the trust


the coming or bringing to an end of a lease, by mutual agreement, expiry of the lease, or by the exercise of a right of one of the parties

Turnover rent

where part or all of a rent, especially of retail premises, is based on a specified proportion of the tenant's turnover

Tenants in Common

where you have a defined share of a property held jointly with another person (compare with Joint Tenant)


the length of time over which a Mortgage loan is to be repaid

Transfer Deed

the document that records the transfer of ownership of the property from the seller to the buyer. It is dated with the completion date, and will be sent to the Land Registry after Completion.

Tangible property

physical articles, as distinguished from intangible assets such as rights, patents, copyrights and franchises. Examples include furniture, cars, jewellery and artwork (see intangible property)

Trade name

a name of a business or one of its products that identifies the product as belonging to the business

Trade mark

any sign, symbol, feature or get-up that is capable of distinguishing one traders product, or service, from anothers

Trade Mark Agent/Attorney

member of the UK Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys

Title Information Document

A copy of the entries at the Land Registry which relate to the property and which is issued once the title has been registered after completion

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