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News Archive
February 2018
Japanese Knotweed
Unmarried couples and death
Has the lease ended?
Plan for it properly
Claim back your power of attorney fees
House price watch
January 2018
Morrisons makes it to the employment tribunal
Bankruptcy - it's a privilege!
Privilege in an employment context
Some interesting family law research
Another reminder about cohabitation
House price watch
December 2017
Age Discrimination - beware off the cuff comments
Recovery of benefit payments causing concern for the bereaved
Breastfeeding remains a hot topic
Advance directives
Employment Tribunal refund scheme
House price watch
November 2017
Uber loses appeal
50% means 50%
Debt claim changes
Whistle-blowers - managers beware
Extending upwards and downwards
Employment tribunal fees - update
House price watch
October 2017
The GPDR? Are you ready?
Employer reading private emails? Update
Liability for Tax Evasion
Contamination of land
And another reminder regarding wills...
House price watch
September 2017
Employers and private emails
Is a second legal charge enforceable?
Pre-nuptial agreements in the spotlight
Ending business tenancies
Employment restrictive covenants
House price watch
July 2017
Paternity leave for fathers
Can you erect a gate?
References in the news
Facebook and dismissal
Unreasonable conduct and costs in court cases
House price watch
June 2017
Four fingers to KitKat
Protecting digital assets
Do you own the plans?
Insolvency changes
And a postscript RE: Uber
House price watch
May 2017
Unfair dismissal and long term absence
Is it a Lease or a Licence?
Holiday makers beware!
What a nuisance!
Japanese Knotweed
House price watch
April 2017
Charity begins at home
Religious symbols can be banned in the workplace
Divorce - not such a clean break!
Reasonable adjustments in the news again
Losing your deposit in a property purchase
House price watch
March 2017
Couple lose civil partnership case
Change of use confusion!
Written warnings and unfair dismissal
To divorce or not to divorce
Brexit - implications for divorce
House price watch
February 2017
Gig economy in the news again
Unmarried couples and pension claims
Budge over buggies!
Beware Airbnb letting
Brexit and the Supreme Court
House price watch
January 2017
New year, old news!
Make sure you get your wage levels right
Charity begins at home - quite literally
Co-habitees on the increase
Brexit and the Supreme Court
House price watch
December 2016
Modernisation is not repair
Get your C.V. right!
The problem with Leases ... continued!
Dealing with disability and ill health
Brexit and the Supreme Court
House price watch
November 2016
Uber taxi drivers - employees after all!
Guardian report on leasehold trap for house owners
Commission and holiday pay - beware!
A bankrupt cannot be forced to drawdown pension
Apprenticeship levy - here to stay
House price watch
October 2016
Is letting out a property breaching a user covenant?
Residential landlords - tax changes - start your preparations!
National living wage and national minimum wage - new rates!
Injury abroad
And once again…the importance of checking the boundaries when you buy
Goodbye Help to Buy!
House price watch
September 2016
Take care if you offer work placements
Landlords liability for repairs - case update!
Take care - the winner of a case will not necessarily recover all of their costs!
Stop press! Illegal working offence is now in force!
Splitting up over summer
Beware a chat in the car park! Unmarried couples and their house in the courts again
House price watch
August 2016
Restrictive covenant in contract of employment
Father ordered to return his daughter to England from Saudi Arabia
Landlord and tenant - the perils of carrying out work to premises
Does the apprenticeships levy apply to your firm?
House price watch
July 2016
Immigration changes - beware despite Brexit!
Divorce - payout after the event - update
Landlords - beware service charge demands
Company changes
An interesting statistic
House price watch
June 2016
Work relationships and privacy
Even government departments get it wrong!
Crowdfunding - a good way to fund your litigation?
Landlords - do you know your obligations?
More landlord woes!
House price watch
May 2016
Attorneys take care!
Review your employment contract
Fat is a sensitive issue... especially in the work place
Bankruptcy online
Beat surrender
House price watch
April 2016
Noisy neighbours - help is at hand
Flood Re Launched at Last
Stop Press!
Company changes in force 6 April 2016
Landlords liability in the news again
Shared Parental Leave
House price watch
March 2016
Bankruptcy proceedings - served or not?
Tenants - should they ask for consent to alterations?
Countdown to the National Living Wage
Unmarried couples and their houses are in the news again!
Landlord's liability and defective premises
House price watch
February 2016
Is it a gift or not?
Beware if you are a Company Director
Do you keep customer data safe?
Employers can read employees emails
Make sure your replies are correct
House price watch
January 2016
Landlords to check tenant status
Leases in the news again
Director sentenced to prison for health and safety breaches
Divorce software error
Property fraud on the increase
House price watch
December 2015
Parking fine decision goes much wider
Landlord fined for faulty boiler
Marks lost its Sparkle!
Better get your buy to let!
A lasting comment
House price watch
November 2015
Divorce in the news again!
Keep an eye on your marketing
When did you last review your health and safety procedures?
Pothole injuries not sufficient for a claim
To search or not to search
House price watch
October 2015
Time spent travelling to and from appointments can be 'working time'
When is a repair not a repair? When it's an improvement
Apply to Court on Time
Is Your Social Media Policy Fit for Purpose?
Happy Birthday to you!
House price watch
September 2015
Holiday flight delayed? Take action!
Beware the wording in your lease
Is it a gift or not?
If in doubt - disclose
Medical procedures and patient consent
House price watch
August 2015
Do dads do worse in the Family Court?
The pitfalls of charity fundraising
Where are we with flooding insurance?
Inheritance claims in the news again
Beware the cost of a light bulb!
House price watch
July 2015
Whistleblowing - the uphill challenge
Mortgaging your property - safe as houses?
Lasting Powers of Attorney - consider your conditions carefully
Right of Way - avoid the wrong way!
Buy to Let - not a safe bet!
House price watch
June 2015
Are homemade Wills the answer?
Equality issues - having your cake and eating it!
Litigation - don't leave it to the last minute
Are your emotions relevant on divorce?
Check your commercial lease carefully!
House price watch
May 2015
Employed by God!
Ignore the Planners at your peril!
Making a claim against your ex - 22 years late!
Landlords - beware repairs
Housing market - comment
House price watch
April 2015
Pre-nup. Post-nup. What's up?
Deeds of Variation - is their time up?
Dealing with the affairs of a missing person
More Help to Buy
Are political and religious beliefs the same thing?
House price watch
March 2015
Unfair evictions - new proposals
Co-habitants - who gets what when the house is sold?
Estate to pay for opera singing course
'Get a job' Judge tells wife
Wonga update
House price watch
February 2015
Twitter troubles!
Deputies - the requirement to keep proper accounts
Planning rules relaxed - right?
Disclosure on death - beware!
Bringing business tenancies to an end
Boundary disputes
House price watch
January 2015
Wills now available online
Is your property in a flood risk area?
Civil Partnerships - update
Landlords: tenancy deposits beware!
Powers of Attorney - solicitors out in the cold?
Green Deal update
House price watch
December 2014
Stop Press - Stamp Duty Land Tax Changes - Stop Press
Cohabitants and Wills - a reminder
Copyright Dangers
Getting a Divorce? Watch your Behaviour!
Getting eviction wrong can be costly!
Shared Parental Leave
House price watch
November 2014
Overtime and Holiday Pay
Solar Panels - a new income stream for farmers?
Septic Tanks - don't fall foul of the Environment Agency
Landlord Liable for Safety Breaches
Rent to Buy Scheme introduced
Reasonable adjustments for disabled employees - in the news again
House price watch
October 2014
Changes to intestacy rules - so I don't need to make a will, right? Wrong!
Changes to the intestacy rules - do they help cohabitees and children?
The risks of surgery in a non-medical setting
Bank of mum and dad
Is your second home a 'business'?
'Litigants in person are not getting a fair hearing'
Making a Deputyship application
House price watch
September 2014
Liability of landlords for nuisance of their tenants
Co-habitation - old issue, new problem
Buying a new build property - plain sailing?
Wills in the news…again
The cost of divorce can be high
Disability and obesity - a toxic mix
House price watch
August 2014
Extension to flexible working rights
The receipt of pay is not a pre-requisite for achieving employment status
Do not forget workplace pensions
Whiplash claims - more bad press
To smoke or not to smoke...
Mediation in family cases - a failing service?
House price watch
July 2014
Wonga got it wonga!
Lasting Powers of Attorney - delays
Zero hours contracts - scourge or saviour?
Care home fees in the news again
Gay marriage - update
House price watch
June 2014
Have you made a will?
Shale gas is in the news again
New rules for retailers
Beware the pitfalls of being a Charity Trustee
More regulation for private landlords
House price watch
May 2014
New mortgage lending rules
Rights of way - get it right!
Climbing the Inheritance Tax Mountain
Private Landlords - avoid the pitfalls
Employment Tribunal cases early conciliation - update
House price watch
April 2014
Dismissal due to pregnancy unfair - husband's claim also succeeds
Gay marriage - introduction and impact on civil partnerships
Removal of an Executor
Landlords - responsibility for buildings
Ensuring that a key Capital Gains Tax relief continues to apply
House Price Watch
March 2014
Employment changes to be introduced - early conciliation
Flood support schemes
Gifts in wills - is yours valid?
Immigration Bill - traps for the unwary employer
Help to Buy scheme extended to enable Muslims to borrow
Green Deal - scheme extension
House price watch
February 2014
Does my will need to be signed properly to be valid?
Employers relieved of some TUPE red tape
Help to Buy - nine months on
Personal device at work policy
Prenuptial agreements - in the news again
House Price Watch
January 2014
New law includes mediation
Zero hours contracts
Help to Buy mortgage guarantee completions
Solicitor fined for breach of privacy rules
Ministers consider changes to sentencing rules
House Price Watch
December 2013
Shared Parental Leave
Changes ahead for trusts
HMRC reveal deliberate defaulters
Successful appeal against CCTV parking fines
Capital Gains Tax - Private Residence Relief
House price watch
November 2013
National Crime Agency
Television cameras in courts of appeal
Many employers failing to pay tribunal awards
Assisted Dying Bill under scrutiny
Autumn Statement
Updated charity guidance
House Price Watch
October 2013
National Minimum Wage
National Crime Agency
Specsavers pays libel damages
Help to buy scheme
Data payment crackdown
HMRC introduce more '0300' numbers
House price watch
September 2013
Juror age raised to 75
Police referrals of domestic violence cases drop 13 per cent
Care home costs leaving 75 per cent without inheritance
Supreme Court reaffirms protection of British children abroad
Historic organ donation legislation for Wales officially passed
Cameras to be allowed in English courts for the first time
Muslim woman must remover her veil to give evidence, judge rules
HMRC's most wanted tax fugitives
A million zero hour contracts
House price watch
August 2013
Assisted suicide guidelines must be amended, appeal judges say
Vast majority of female employees move to part-time and flexible work after maternity leave
Conservation covenants must not remove rights of access
Charity-owned law firm launched 'access to justice package'
JK Rowling wins breach of confidence damages
Barristers win the right to conduct litigation
Capital gains tax rate could hit 45 per cent mark
School leavers 'lacking basic skills', say business leaders
Thieves should not be jailed, says law expert
Green to keep magistrates' sentencing powers under review
House price watch
July 2013
Working while ill a major problem, according to studies
Equal pay case compares workers from different employment
Christian B&B did discriminate against gay couple
Restaurant did not discriminate by refusing to act as takeaway
McCririck can go ahead with discrimination
Grayling abandons attempt to remove choice of solicitor
Kinship foster carers to be paid same benefits as unrelated carers
Human rights victory over 'life means life' sentences
Woman wins harassment case against 'bullying bank'
House price watch
Workers fear their ability to work in old age
June 2013
Will-writing quality scheme to launch in July
Average asking price for UK home exceeds £250,000 for the first time
Disputed will of Testatrix with dementia is valid
Ageing workplace as older employees reach more than one million
Government launches further consultation on equal pay audits
House price watch
Zero hours contracts to be examined by government
Government denies planning changes will lead to boom in betting shops
16 per cent of jurors believe they cannot use internet at all during trials
May 2013
Shares for rights becomes law
Government bans caste discrimination
Virgin Atlantic wins 'name racism' battle
Whistleblowers the next target of employment law review
Family email advice line tries to fill gap left by cuts
First person jailed by the Court of Protection speaks out
Women bearing brunt of labour market changes
Employers failing to harness technology, report finds
Workers are being put under pressure not to take sick leave, MPs warn
House price watch
Lord Chancellor refuses to regulate will writing
Assisted dying legal in 'strictly defined circumstances'
April 2013
Divorce guides will help couples reach agreements together
'Intelligent conservatism' not charisma, key to leadership success
100 firms being investigated by HMRC over unpaid interns
Dismissal claims spike ahead of job law change
Criminal record checks to be relaxed
Employers' resistance to social media prevents workplace trust
New childcare scheme criticised
Grayling demands further cut in legal aid for prisoners
'Ex-gay' advertisement could not be justified, high court rules.
Sisters inherit estate despite substantial lifetime gifts
House price watch
March 2013
The Budget 2013
Wife pushes for lifting of the corporate veil in divorce
Appeal judge redefines 'futile treatment'
Majority of men would consider taking paternity leave
One in seven women lose jobs while on maternity leave
More women work past the age of 60
Protection for whistleblowers to be strengthened
House price watch
Government takes action to tackle payday lending concerns
Suspicion not enough in care proceedings
Millions giving up work to become carers
February 2013
MPs give overwhelming support to same-sex marriage
Enhanced criminal record checks 'breach human rights'
Government limits unfair dismissal awards to a year's salary
Home ownership continues to fall
Christian workers can wear discreet crosses, Strasbourg decides
Government bill includes reforms to shared parental leave and flexible working system
Fall in property prices was 'reasonably foreseeable', appeal judges say
Property laws for cohabiting couples 'unfair', judge says
House price watch
Number of 'no-nups' soar as cohabiting couples seek to protect assets
Appeal judges quash back-to-work regulations
The best managers are global citizens
January 2013
Widow allowed to pursue husband's right-to-die appeal
Half of businesses 'unaware of Bribery Act'
Christian care worker can be required to work on Sundays
Matrimonial property rules 'not sustainable', family solicitors say
Rising rental prices
Employers given more support to offer apprenticeships
Chris Grayling: charities may be better at helping prisoners than probation officers
Government offers increased paid leave for adoptive parents
Conservatives to push for abolition of retirement age in 2015 election manifesto?
Divorce too easy, poll finds
House price watch
December 2012
Disabled volunteer cannot rely on law protecting employees
Government publishes response to employee-owners consultation
Redundancy notice period to be cut from 90 to 45 days
Housing manager who criticised gay marriage wrongly demoted
Small businesses to benefit from £1.1 million boost
'Cookie cutter' divorce formula not the answer, says lawyer
New guide on home care rights for older people
Marriage at its lowest since 1801
Commission fails to agree on UK Bill of Rights
House price watch
Government launches £300,000 web app for divorce
Charitable donations down 20 per cent in the past year
November 2012
Employees injured at work will have to prove company negligence
Courts can hear equal pay claims
Government under attack over changes to equality laws
House price watch
Changes to pensions auto-enrolment 'will hit women hardest'
BNP bus driver unlawfully sacked
Government rejects new calls to do away with chancel repair liability
Delays to shared parental leave plans
Vince Cable to bundle SME debt and sell to investors
Businesses that discriminate against TAs may be sued
Presumption of death law to be introduced
Absent fathers to get legal right to spend time with their children
October 2012
Health issues and disability bar half a million over-55s from jobs
Ban on age discrimination in goods and services comes into force
Lib Dem conference: Cable promises £1bn 'business bank'
House price watch
Sales on the high street grow marginally in the year to September
Majority of public reject government's 'owner-employee' proposal
Partnerships to grow small businesses
Number of home owners taking in lodgers doubles
Justice Secretary to extend home-owner protection against burglars
Human rights violations in EU countries double in five years
September 2012
Squatting to become a criminal offence
Sunday trading hours reform
Holiday pay and sickness case
Tesco faces potential fines for illegally employing foreign workers
House price watch
Coastal communities fund
European Court of Human Rights ruling could change UK law on religious discrimination
August 2012
Government confirms pensions auto-enrolment timetable for small businesses
Family historians can now view Victorian criminal records online
75% of employees say they are stuck in a rut
Pay when you die solution for pensioners moving into care homes
House price watch
Discrimination claims fall by a quarter
Employment tribunal fees set for summer 2013
Sunday trading restrictions to be suspended during the Olympic and Paralympics Games
July 2012
Employees who get sick on holiday have right to take time off again
Banks face new compensation claims from SMEs
Tribunal figures show 15% fall in claims
Grandparents victims of new harassment legislation
Six new taskforces launched by HMRC
House price watch
Working beyond state pension age
End of employment settlement
No cap on reliefs for charitable giving
June 2012
Queen's Speech 2012: main points at a glance
Reforms aim to make employment tribunals quicker and cheaper
The number of new laws falls to lowest level since 2002
London 2012 Olympics: companies refuse tickets amid Bribery Act fears
Landlords upping the size of property portfolios
New doctors' iPhone app could cut whiplash fraud
House price watch
Enterprise Research Centre
May 2012
Leading judge champions marriage
Government seeks to raise small claims limit for personal injury cases
LSB calls for regulation of will writing services
Bogus whiplash claimants to be 'weeded out'
House price watch
OFT issues guidance on misleading trading names
70% of workers 'unaware' of auto enrolment pension plans
Charitable giving - cap on tax relief
April 2012
Drop in temporary appointments may be linked to agency workers regulations
April 2012 employment law changes: six things employers need to know
Liability for mesothelioma is triggered by exposure
National Loan Guarantee Scheme
House price watch
EPC legislation changes for landlords and agents
Stamp duty land tax (SDLT)
March 2012
The Budget 2012
Cameron to consider minimum impact speed for whiplash claims
Judge warns of 'immeasurable human misery' of boundary disputes
Queen's Diamond Jubilee: Acas reminds employers of holiday issues
Pay up on time
EU Cookies
Pensions Auto Enrolment Dates deferred for smaller employers
House price watch
Number of businesses taking on finance falls, despite Project Merlin
A third of graduates take low skilled jobs
February 2012
Criminal compensation for small claims to be scrapped
One third of organisations has no plans to deal with Olympics disruption
Technology encourages work 'presenteeism' claims research
Landlords expect lettings boom to continue
House price watch
Working not a precondition to right to paid holiday, court rules
The Red Tape Challenge focuses on company law
HMRC introduce new procedures for civil fraud
Agency Workers Regulations
Unemployment high
January 2012
Plans to charge fee to bring employment tribunal claims
Pensions auto enrolment
Executive 'forced out of job' over CV
Capital allowances in enterprise zones
OFT takes action on purchase of foreign currency
Legal action over french breast implants
House price watch
Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme
Urgent call for all letting agents to be regulated
December 2011
Pensions and small businesses
House price watch
OFT urges shoppers to know their consumer rights at christmas
Parties for employees
Are you working less hours?
Changes to employment law will reduce red tape for small businesses
Unemployment rises to 2.62 million
November 2011
Pub landlady can use foreign decoder to broadcast football games
New government pension scheme could create 6 million more savers
New sales law will make it easier for small firms to trade within the EU
Usernames and passwords should be left in wills
More employees want to work flexibly
House price watch
Small business expansion plans hampered by red tape
Rent increases prove need to boost housing growth
OFT guidance on debt collection
Importing and exporting guide
Spouses have no claim over lottery winnings
October 2011
Employers warned to get to grips with agency workers regulations
National Minimum Wage rates
Abolition of the default retirement age
Extension of unfair dismissal qualifying period
Disappointment as Government shelves cohabitation reform
New Consumer Bill of Rights announced
New law helps businesses protect their IP rights
House price watch
Agreement with Switzerland to secure billions in unpaid tax
Minister announces referral fee ban
September 2011
HMRC Civil Disorder helpline
Pensions online interactive tools
First person prosecuted under Bribery Act
House price watch
Fraudulent will writer jailed
Acas launches social media guidelines for employers
Autoclenz status case
Age discrimination claim awards triple in 2 years
Data protection breach
Enterprise Zones
August 2011
NHS Worker on sick leave for a year entitled to holiday pay
Government to create copyright small claims jurisdiction
Online Olympics advice
...and some more Olympics advice
Immigration Advisory Service goes into administration
OFT warns against increase in rogue doorstep traders during summer months
House Price Watch
Payments Council to keep cheques
HMRC target businesses not registered for VAT
Holiday entitlement
July 2011
The Bribery Act
Workplace pensions reform
OFT to investigate debit & credit cards charges in the travel industry
Shelter launches 'bad landlord' video
Consultation on residency
Agency workers regulations come into force 1st October
Another HMRC blunder leads to 5m paying wrong PAYE
House price watch
Changes to the law to protect patent and design rights
Trust me, I'm a lawyer
June 2011
Banks opt not to contest PPI claims in the courts
CBI survey on sick days and the impact of fit notes
OFT announces package of measure to address concerns over credit practices
House price watch
Flexible working consultation
Agency workers guidance
Unfair gym membership contracts
HSE launch Health and Safety Made Simple
Honour your neighbour ... or else!
May 2011
Wholesale review of health & safety law announced
Supreme Court rules against house disguised as a barn
Implementation date announced for the Bribery Act 2010
House price watch
Dismissals during period of illness
National Minimum Wage rates
Two in five people delaying their retirement
April 2011
Cable to cut red tape for small businesses
£1.3 million tax credits identity thief jailed
Squatting to become a criminal offence
Retirement and the removal of the Default Retirement Age
House price watch
Budget Statement
March 2011
Government to amend draft regulations for removal of default retirement age
Construction site visits
Sheila's wheels hit brucey buffer
Mediation for all divorcing couples
OFT to respond super-complaint on credit brokerage and debt services
House price watch
Office workers told to get on their bike
February 2011
Default retirement age
New consumer credit law brings new entitlements
Age discrimination in the workplace
Changes to qualifying period for unfair dismissal claims
Bribery Act delayed again
House price watch
Hike in fuel duty hampering small firms' growth
January 2011
Increased role of social media in industrial disputes
Flexible working legislation extended to parents of children under 18
Employers fail to take depression seriously
House price watch
Furnished holiday lettings
Employer supported childcare
First data protection act fines issued
National Insurance Contributions (NICs)
December 2010
Employers advised not to dock pay during snow crisis
Cuts to legal aid
Contested inheritances leap by 38% in 12 months
Compulsory gender pay audits to be scrapped
One in five divorces mention facebook
Increase in the standard rate of VAT
House price watch
Nest pensions reform 2012
Have you got a Christmas party policy in place?
And finally......a royal wedding bank holiday
November 2010
Prenuptial agreements to be recognised by courts
Homeowner advice on squatters
Government plans to introduce compulsory mediation in divorce cases
Consumers warned on 'unenforceable debt' claims
House price watch
Pensions changes
European case may boost paternity rights
New 'green deal' for landlords and homeowners
Increase in the standard rate of VAT
October 2010
Unwelcome tax demands for employees
Work related stress
Confusion over Equality Act
House price watch
We're all going on an NI holiday
Calls for Changes to Strike Law
Small businesses risk losing rates relief worth £200 million
OFT to Crack Down on Debt Management Firms
September 2010
New guidance on the Equality Act
Holiday guidance
Government confirms minimum wage rises
House price watch
Rents increasing thanks to a shortage of properties
PAYE tax errors
Workplace Parking Levy could be extended
New legal website launched
The workforce assessment tool
August 2010
Father who dodged maintenance barred from selling house
When is an office a house?
Under investment in anti-corruption scheme by UK businesses
Managers struggling to relax on holiday
House price watch
One in six firms see regulation as biggest challenge
Bullying in the workplace
July 2010
Emergency Budget
Capital gains tax changes
Standard rate of VAT to increase
Speed cameras challenged
The Equality Act to pass into law this October
House price watch
Number of deaths at work at record low
Green inventions given a boost
Business link guidance for farmers
Maternity rights for the self employed
June 2010
The Post Election Budget 2010
Flexible working - the World Cup
Home Information Packs scrapped by coalition Government
Equal share of property assets for unmarried couples
House price watch
OFT warns football & festival fans of ticketing scams
Child Trust Fund to be cut
Capital gains tax increases
Flexible working viewed as the most import employee benefit
Holiday entitlement
Budget date announced
May 2010
CBI points to economic recovery
Economic fallout from volcanic ash
Birmingham city workers win equal pay claim
National Minimum Wage rates
HSE release latest labour force survey
House price watch
HMRC offer advice on fraud emails
Schools and CCTV
VAT and Royal Mail postage
Toxic chemicals in leather sofas - compensation awarded
April 2010
Budget 2010
Entrepreneurs' Relief
Strasbourg blow to expats in index-linked pensions case
House price watch
Stamp duty land tax and first time home buyers
Carbon reduction certificate energy efficiency scheme
Equality bill reaches final hurdle
OFT to investigate ISAs
Employment rate falls to 72.2%
Fit notes
Landlords: tenants want a shoulder to cry on
March 2010
Budget Report 2010
Recessions brings increased stress in the workplace
New rules to ban employers blacklisting union employees
Government consults on Employers' Liability Insurance Bureau
HSE publishes new advice on handling asbestos
HMRC offer advice on fraud emails
Unfair letting agent renewal fees should be scrapped
OFT recommends shake up in how homes are bought and sold
House price watch
Lowest number of household owners recorded since 1991
Vehicle scrappage
February 2010
Slips, trips & falls in the workplace cost society £800m a year
Smoking ban extension to workplace entrances
Scam awareness month launched by OFT
Employment rights - statutory limits
Man who hid house in barn wins planning battle
House price watch
Scrappage Scheme
Statutory payments
January 2010
OFT drops investigation into bank charges
Boiler scrappage scheme launched by government
Recession weary employees seeking greener grass
Court of protection could be opened up to public scrutiny
Extra national insurance burden ahead
House price watch
Tax relief on nursery vouchers
Bad weather advice
December 2009
Employees and data theft
Legal Aid extended to collaborative divorces
Tradesman and asbestos related illness
Small businesses hit by employee's driving misdemeanours
Falling from a great height
House price watch
Parties for employees
Business rates bills
First aid at work
November 2009
Move to increase corporate manslaughter fines
Tax relief on nursery vouchers to be withdrawn
Scrappage Scheme
House price watch
Twitter & social networking sites cost UK business £1.38 billion
Age still a thorny issue with employers
Online payroll starter and leaver forms
Royal Mail postal strike
October 2009
Compulsory retirement at 65
Additional Paternity Leave and Pay
National Minimum Wage increases, Tips & Weekly pay limits
House price watch
Happy 35th birthday to the HSE
Annual leave & holidays
Online filing of Corporation tax returns
Online filing of VAT returns
Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility
New UK Border Agency controls
New supreme court for the UK
September 2009
Small businesses too afraid to make redundancies
Director disqualification for competition law breaches
Increase in pay for apprentices
Pay to park at work
HMRC to clamp down on builders who evade VAT by targeting customers
Paternity tests now available in chemists
NHS compensation payments up by over 20%
VAT increase to 17.5%
House price watch
Pension changes ahead
Redundancy pay
August 2009
Employment disputes up by 20%
Business Payment Support Services
Rise in prosecutions for employing illegal workers
Redundancy alternative
HSE warning not to be misled over new law poster
Swine flu advice for businesses
New £1 Billion Government Investment Fund for Businesses of the Future
House price watch
House of Lords Rules on assisted dying case
Scrappage incentive scheme successful
Case herd: policeman crushed
July 2009
Employers must be ready for autumn swine flu pandemic
Increased payout for record-breaking divorcee
Advisory fuel rates
Rise in business confidence within small businesses
House price watch
Government propose 'inheritance levy' to pay for care of the elderly
One in five businesses admit to Data Protection Act breach
Nightshift link to cancer could raise risk of litigation
Digital Britain
June 2009
Business expenses abuse not just the domain of MPs
Path cleared for personal injury claims relating to industrial noise
Home maintenance tops list of Consumer Protection cases
National Minimum Wage increases
Tips and the National Minimum Wage
Crash for cash hotspots announced
House price watch
UK opt out on 48 hour working week
Landlords and gas safety
HMRC warn of email scam
May 2009
Landlords to require licence
First prosecution under corporate manslaughter legislation
Personal tax changes
Employers and swine flu
Latest on bank charges
Enhanced relief for trading losses
House price watch
The press is to be allowed to attend family court proceedings
Businesses given more time to pay business rates
April 2009
Budget Report 2009
Changes to HIPS from 6th April
Good news for house prices?
House price watch
New Statutory Payment Rates for 2009/10
Unemployment expected to rise
Statutory Maternity Leave, salary sacrifice and non-cash benefits
Avoiding and resolving workplace problems
Ruling on compulsory retirement at 65
HMRC warn of latest fraud attempt
Rise in late payments to SMEs
March 2009
CBI predict deeper UK recession
Employment Rights - Statutory limits
Business Payment Support Services
Holiday entitlement to increase
House price watch
More transparency to public sector pay
Employment Law Guidance Programme
Changes to the National Minimum Wage from 6 April 2009
Stress at work
The grapes of wrath
February 2009
New Health and Safety Act brings tougher penalties for rule breaches
Higher late filing of accounts penalties – watch out!
New patent web databases
Recession brings increase in fraud
Redundancy and unfair dismissal to become more expensive
House price watch
Government help for businesses
Health in pregnancy grant
HMRC warn about email fraud
January 2009
Business Payment Support Service
Validity of pre-nups a matter for Parliament
Changes to the advisory fuel rates from 1 January 2009
Failure to wear seat belt reduces damages award
House price watch
Caution needed when selecting Google Adwords
Demand for advice on redundancy and lay-offs
Beware of ageism when drafting job adverts
Double up on your duty free
December 2008
Government to launch homeowner mortgage support scheme
Business rates supplements
Standard rate VAT
Corporation tax changes
Discipline and Grievance Code of Practice
Pension forecast
House price watch
Tougher penalties for health and safety offences
New penalties for speeding drivers
November 2008
Pre-Budget Report 2008
Intestacy rules
Temporary staff to have same rights as permanent staff
Changes to rights during maternity leave
Government agrees to change pension legislation
Office of fair trading tackles home sale and rent back industry
House price watch
Entrepreneurs' relief
Pets and divorce: a big 'equestrian' for the courts
October 2008
CBI forecast
Lowest levels of divorce for 26 years
Extra take home pay
Residential landlords and energy performance certificates
Temporary exemption on Stamp Duty Land Tax
House price watch
Change to benefits system
NMW rates to rise
HSE don't ban this, that and the other
Proposed strict new jobs list
September 2008
Reducing employers' administration
Further consultation on extending the right of parents to request flexible working
Government sets new minimum intestate legacy
Proposed reform to the residential property rental sector
NMW changes
'Paper' tax return deadline looming
House price watch
Licence to bring in migrant workers
Careless drivers
August 2008
Equal pay & pay protection schemes
Sikh girl can wear bangle at school
No duty of constant supervision for bouncy castle parents
Extra personal allowances
Report on HMRC's lost discs
House price watch
Painter to appeal fine for smoking in "work vehicle"
Victim of Facebook libel wins £22,000 damages
Newcomers must earn the right to stay in the UK
July 2008
Government announces new Equality Bill
Staff watching sport online could cost businesses £1,000
Are your employees taking the strain?
Advisory fuel rates
Illegal working
Could signing up for the National Dismissal Register damage your business?
Increase in personal allowances
Fathers, as well as mothers to be named on all birth certificates
House price watch
Stress at work
June 2008
10% tax rate climb down
Health and safety risks caused by hangovers
Flexible working extension
Update your Will
Think twice before hiring a bouncy castle
House price watch
Government clamping down on unfair selling
Government increases car tax for thousands of drivers
May 2008
Credit squeeze
Employees entitled to know more
The Government introduce new scheme to assist key worked and first time-buys get on the property ladder
Energy company to face investigation into sales practices
Energy performance certificates for non-dwellings
New protection for pregnant workers
UK banks lose test case on overdraft charges
House price watch
Workers to be protected from third party harassment
New annual timetable for introduction of new laws
New rules to affect businesses employing under 16 year olds
April 2008
Employers being asked to act as "immigration officers"
Spot checks proposed to ensure recruitment not discriminatory
Co-habiting couples rights reform put on hold
Entrepreneurs' Relief draft legislation
Woman sacked for being too young wins case
House price watch
Corporate Manslaughter Act comes into force on 6th April
Implementation date change for rights during maternity leave
Proposals to reform rights over neighbouring land
March 2008
Pre-nuptial agreements could become binding
Changes in SMP & SSP
Illegal working changes
Update on residence and domicile 
Expenses for employees
Funds to help dispute resolution
Agency workers do not have the same rights as directly employed workers
Had problems filing your tax return on time?
Employment rights - statutory limits
New approach to house repossessions
Proposed changes to 'class actions'
February 2008
Test Case for Bank Charges
Entrepreneurs' Relief
Residence and Domicile
Money Laundering Regulations
House Price Watch
The Corporate Manslaughter Act & Health & Safety Policies
HSE Launch Campaign to Stop Slips and Trips 
Government Plans Reform of Private Home Rental Sector
January 2008
Employment Bill
Home Information Packs (HIPS) and Free Home Energy Efficiency Advice
Capital Gains Tax Reform
Advisory Fuel Rates
House Price Watch
Inheritance Tax Nil Rate Band
Capital Allowances
Corporate Manslaughter Fines
Consultation on Residence and Domicile
New Measures to Prevent Illegal Working in the UK
Income Shifting Consultation
December 2007
Protection Of Divorce Settlements To Former Spouse Insolvency
‘Too Young’ To Work?
HMRC Apologise To Child Benefit Customers
Agency Workers & SSP
Northern Rock ISA Savers
HIPs Extended To All Properties
All Age Discrimination Cases To Be Put On Hold
Britain To Become A Leader In Reducing Carbon Emissions
From Taper Relief To Possible Retirement Relief
Staff Parties
November 2007
Inheritance Tax Change Welcomed
Capital Gains Tax Taper Relief To Be Abolished
Additional Maternity And Paternity Pay And Leave
National Minimum Wage Prosecutions
Company Car Drivers And Fuel
Income ‘Shifting’
Postal Disputes
House Repossessions Forecast To Soar
House Price Watch
Small Businesses & The New EU Landfill Directive
October 2007
Lasting Powers Of Attorney Now In Force
Pregnancy Discrimination Test Case
Phishing Scams
Imperial Weights And Measures To Remain Legal
NMW Rates Set To Rise
24 days Annual Holiday Entitlement
House Price Watch
Small Businesses & The Companies Act 2006
Points Don’t Make Prizes
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